Public Transport in Nigeria

Traffic congestion has long been synonymous with Lagos journey.

Lagos city, Nigerias commercial capital, is one the most citizenry compact cities in Africa. Thus, traffic congestion had become a daily fact for the residents. The dearth of a working public transport system spurred on the creation of the casual transportation business.

The two chief buses used by commuters are the molue and danfo, the prior being a distinguishing yellow commercial bus along with the latter being a mini bus. With wishes to cost the BRT is a lot more secure than its existing unregulated cousins. Oseni points out that molue motorists have a tendency to increase their costs abnormally during petrol deficiency or any hint that hoodlums are causing riots in almost any section of the town. Additionally, when it rains, it truly is harvest time for molue motorists.

The Lagos State government, comprehending its herculean job of needing to set up an powerful and affordable transport system within Lagos city, determined to execute the BRTS.

The Bus Rapid Transit System

The BRTS is globally touted as cost effective transfer alternative.

According to Victor Ebimomi of the Daily Independent 19 March 2009, Nigeria: BRT – One Year After Urban Transport Aid, the conclusion to enforce the BRTS in Lagos was made is 2006 and was established with 100 buses in 2008. The system has additionally created both direct and indirect employment for about 5, 5000 people that are employed as aviators (motorists), bus policemen (conductors) inspectors, machinists and ticket sellers, amongst others.

The Advancement of Urban Transportation in Lagos

The clear success of the BRT in Lagos city has prompted the state government to think about widening the prevailing course and creating added courses over the state.

This Day reporting on the clear achievement of the BRTS, Nigeria: BRT Intro Successful, Says Fashola 4 April 2009, identifies the Lagos State Governors, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, presentation to the World Bank Transport Forum in which he emphasized the gains that the BRTS has brought to the state since its origin the preceding year. These advantages include job development and lifestyle developments for Lagos residents.

With wishes to urban transport initiatives in Lagos state it seems that Mr. Fashola means to make a critical impact during his period as governor. According to this very day, the governor noted his managements progress with relation to the assorted portions of its Lagos Multi-Modal Transportation Eyesight of which the BRTS, Water Transport and Intra-City Rail are components.

Many would concur the work of Mr. Fashola and his government is estimable. By enhancing urban transport, the sustainability as well as the future progress of the Lagos city and state are ensured. An effective public transportation system is not just a driver of growth and development but in addition it indicates equilibrium of government.

One hopes the avenue taken to enhance Lagos urban transport would be one that this managements successors would follow and build on.

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